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My first foray into ~Youtube Makeup Land~ is in the form of a "Get Ready With Me." Mostly because I was going to put some makeup on and the sun was out. 

As I sat to edit this monstrosity (30+ minutes of content what the heck), I realized how much I grossly underestimate how much time it takes for me to put on my makeup, which explains why I elect to go makeup-free most of the time.

I ended up fast forwarding most of the application/talking because OMG I TALK SO SLOW and it honestly just was not that interesting. Not to say that I think what made the cuts are interesting...

Anyway, I did A Thing, and I thought I'd post it before I lost my nerve. Enjoy!

What's In My Bag?

Yep. I've made a YouTube video. I've realized that, as much as I hate to admit it, I don't have a great affinity for writing. So I've decided to talk into my iPhone like a pleb.

To be honest, this first video was kind of me just going for it. Super low production values and minimal editing on my phone. It's kind of a trainwreck, but I figure that everyone's first video has to be kind of awful, right?

Anyway, about the bag: it's the Alexander Wang Rocco bag, and I love it. Like, a lot. I found it on super sale at Barney's Warehouse this January (I'm talking like, half off!), in the color-way I wanted. It was quite an exciting moment for me, especially because I was considering buying it full-price (at $975- yikes!). To find out what I keep in this beautiful thing, click below!

Also, seeing as it's my first video... be nice!

Happy May, everyone!