twenty one

So I turned twenty one this week. There wasn't a ton of celebrating, as my schedule was pretty packed, but I was nicely surprised by my friends who figured out my schedule and interrupted my Bible study. It was sweet.

Anyway, I thought I would do a "twenty one things to do while twenty one" list. First of all, I'd like to say that I hate lists like that with vague goals that just say "do [something] more". Like, dude, that is not really a goal that you can measure your success in. But i digress. Here's the list I came up with!

one - go skydiving!

two - road trip with friends

three - go on a cruise

four - cook with alcohol ;)

five - get a bakery/coffee/chocolate shop job

six - travel to europe

seven - finish reading les mis

eight - take a cooking class

nine - grow out my hair

ten - get a pet

eleven - learn a new language

twelve - watch friends

thirteen - go to a football game

fourteen - make homemade ice cream

fifteen - book a flight and hotel on my own

sixteen - have a tourist day in chicago

seventeen - learn how to use a dslr camera

eighteen - go to vegas

nineteen - see a show on the west end

twenty - grow an herb garden

twenty one - go skiing in colorado