just do it

Alternately titled: I should have done this ages ago

Have you ever been so [nervous/scared/terrified] to start a project that you just... didn't?

That's basically where I've been in the process of making a blog. I read blogs all the time, and I'm always so impressed at the quality of the blogs I read. I mean, sure most of the bloggers write for a living and have had a lot more experience than I have... But it was still something I really didn't feel confident in doing.

But here's the thing- Felicia Day, who is one of the coolest, most intelligent, super-awesomest people I know (of), started vlogging. And in her video, she said she hadn't posed a ton of videos on her personal YouTube page because she basically got stage fright. And she's an actor. And so Felicia (I'm calling her by her first name to pretend we're friends. She'll never know) was just like - "this is stupid and I should just do it" - (not her actual words).

But anyway, long story short, Felicia Day inspired me to do what I've always wanted to do (do a blog thing) without expecting perfection. Because let's be real - I'm a total n00b at this. (and to be completely honest, I even misspelled "n00b" on the first try.)

So this is not really anything, but an announcement to whet your appetite for more words (maybe pictures) from me, a 20 year old who knows not that much. Catch ya later!