these are a few of my favorite things

You know how some blogs have weekly favorites, or monthly favorites, or even seasonal favorites? Well, I have "these are a few of my favorite things" aka "I am on a super unreliable posting schedule so a random collection of things I like should do."

Here they are:

This remix to Ignition (hot and fresh out the kitchen) (actually it's not new at all)

I am so obsessed with this remix, you don't even know. It's pretty much the best way to kick off a weekend :)

george blagden's cover of "the chain"

'nuff said.

the dinner party playlist on spotify

Guys. This is just a really chill mix of electronic-y pop and it's just so good for chilling out/ doing homework/ getting stuff done. I don't know, I just enjoy it a lot.

fuzzy slippers (a la J Crew)


HOLy cOW these slippers are so freaking comfortable (and warm!). There was a week that was super cold, so I basically lived in these (though I don't think they're meant to be outdoor shoes).

khan academy (organic chemistry)
I am taking my first organic chemistry class this semester and it is kicking my butt. It doesn't help that I can't understand 50% of what comes out of my professor's mouth (it's an accent/mumbling thing). I can learn everything I need to know on Khan Academy and it totally motivates you by giving you badges for listening to the whole "lecture"! Like, it increased my test score by 50%. Amazing.

cookies (specifically: insomnia cookies)


I've been having a problem with cookies lately. My new boss at work brings in homemade cookies every day, so I've been eating them every time I'm at work. PLUS they opened an Insomnia Cookies that's on my way from school to home and they're sososososo good!! They're still warm and gooey and they also have really good ice cream too.... PLUS they deliver??? Reason number 9872493 that it looks like I'm "preparing for winter" if you catch my drift (I'm getting fat, people).

And on that note, I guess that's it? I've also been enjoying the nice fall weather: look at these fun pictures I look the other day!


Wow that was fun. I'm not sure if I'm kidding or not but oh well. See you on the flip side, homies.

- Eunice :)