I ate this: insta edition

Welcome to "I ate this" which is something that I'm going to do now apparently. I'm going to talk about stuff I ate now.


1. Tacos -> surprisingly not bad @ the dining center. would have preferred corn tortillas, but win some, lose some.

2. Cupcakes, coffee, and toffee -> this was so so so good @ Anna Shea Chocolates and Lounge kinda pricy (and by that I mean it's a Yelp $$$), but it is so cool. the decor and vibe is super luxe. you get what you pay for (which is really delicious stuff).

3. Raspberry rhubarb pancake -> super yum, but more like dessert than breakfast @ The Grove Cafe everything looked really really good and it was not expensive at all. gotta love it.

4. Crispy chicken sandwich -> I don't even remember what this was called but it was so good  @ The Goddess and Grocer and the place was so cute!! like a market+deli. actually exactly like that.

well that was fun. tell me about things you've eaten. tell me about tacos. mmmmmm tacos

-eunice :)