I ate this: China edition

So I said that I was going to take a picture of everything I ate and post it on this blog. HAHA.

But I did eat some things so I put it in a gallery.

Since I was on a college campus for most of my time, my Chinese friends would give me two options for lunch/dinner: rice or noodles? After a while, I decided that I preferred noodles nine times out of ten. When we did go out, we ate a lot of hot pot (which was surprising because the weather was literally so hot) and some other stuff, too. My favorite meals were when we went to JiXian to see the Great Wall- we stayed at this hostel that cooked all our meals, and it was seriously good Chinese home cooking.

I might have more things to say about China in the future (I definitely want to go back at some point), but I'm honestly so busy with school that only writing about things that happened months ago seems kind of pointless. Anywho, I hope to get back to you soon (with a dorm room tour?).