So it's a month before my summer break is over and I have written a grand total of one (1) blog post on this here website. I think I had meant to write more, but somehow life(?) got in the way. That's not to say that I haven't been doing all sorts of cool stuff: I've been traveling a whole bunch (Orlando, Las Vegas, Minnesota), taking some summer classes (Microbiology, Food Law, Nutrition), and getting through some shows on Netflix (Agents of SHIELD, Orange is the New Black). Ok, so maybe not so "cool".

I swear- I have thought about baking/cooking/eating and writing some witty blog post about it. But I guess I never really have the foresight to take pictures of the process and then I realize that I changed the written recipe and forgot to write down what I've done or I make something but it didn't end up tasting that great. I'm basically making excuses for why I haven't done what I had intended to do with this blog. 

But let's start over. And by start over, I mean "this is yet another blog post about how I'll be posting regularly on this blog." And maybe I will!

Here are some thoughts about what I want to write about in the future:

a. Food, forever and always (maybe) will be what I love to write and take picture of. Because it's awesome. The (maybe) is in there because I have commitment issues. Sorry about it.

b. My face? By that I mean cosmetic-y and skincare-type items. Because here's the thing- I follow a lot of beauty bloggers, who are really fantastic! But sometimes I find the actual writing to be kind of boring? Is that mean? Not to say that I think my writing is that great or anything, but I think it would be fun. PLUS both of my parents work in beauty-related industries, and I've been helping out with them this summer, and I kind of feel like it's cool? Anyway, a more intensive post about this will come in the future.

c. BOOKS! Oh man. I used to super-love reading when I was younger. And then after my sophomore year of high school, I all of a sudden didn't read anything outside of assigned readings at school (if that). So I want to get back to reading again, because I've read a couple (read: 2) books this summer and that was a pretty good time, huh.

d. Stories about my life. What can I say? I'm kind of vain. This will probably be complete with selfies. Whoops.

e. (Potentially) Jesus-time. So here's the thing about me: I think personal beliefs are real and cool and real cool. But I also don't want this kind of thing to come off as awkward or forced or whatever, but then also I process a lot through writing. So at this point I Don't Know but I'll figure it out?

Anyway, that was a list of what I intend for this blog to become. Maybe it was already this. But I think saying it out loud(?) is good (for me anyway).

Catch u later,

Eunice :)