Le Blog

I told you so

There is a reason why my past blogging experiences have pretty much been failures. I write of, of course, my tendency to totally abandon projects such as this one. A big reason that I am so inconsistent with this is that I don’t actually know what I want this blog to be about. Maybe it’ll be ramblings, but I want it to be more than just a personal journal. I’ve been thinking about maybe making it into a baking/cooking/DIY/life kind of thing, but that may just be too much structure for me. To be honest, I really like just writing about my day.

Something that I really want to get into is taking more pictures/videos of the things that I do. I find that I don’t really have any souvenirs of the cool things (if any) that I have done because I don’t really document things well. I guess pseudo-blogging will be my first step into documenting my life.

Anyway, I’ve driven for about 7 hours today, as well as read a bunch of syllabi, so I am dog tired. I just remembered that I have to move my car in the morning before the first day of spring semester starts. Because of such things, I will be calling it a night.