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The Start of Something New

Did I reference High School Musical in the title? Totally. I feel like I am lost in life. I have no idea what I am doing, what I want to be doing, or what I should be doing. Finals week starts tomorrow, so this might just be me procrastinating, but I want this post to be a promise- a promise that I’ll try to figure things out and be honest with myself. It’s easier for me to be accountable for my actions if there is an audience. Granted, I have no idea if anyone will actually be reading this, so there’s that.

Something I’ve learned recently is that I’m an external processor. So maybe writing my thoughts out is going to be helpful for me. It’s funny though- the reason I don’t want to keep a journal is that I wouldn’t want people reading it, but I am posting this online where anyone could see if it they wanted to. I never said I was consistent.

Anyway, the idea is for me to process the thoughts I have about my life and whatnot. And it would be super cool to get other people’s opinions about it, too. I probably won’t be very consistent (especially this week), but I’m thinking about making it a New Year’s resolution type of thing. So yeah. I’ll  write something about myself as an introduction (but it’ll probably end up being a reflection of my “self”) sometime in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled, bros.