Le Blog

I told you so

There is a reason why my past blogging experiences have pretty much been failures. I write of, of course, my tendency to totally abandon projects such as this one. A big reason that I am so inconsistent with this is that I don’t actually know what I want this blog to be about. Maybe it’ll be ramblings, but I want it to be more than just a personal journal. I’ve been thinking about maybe making it into a baking/cooking/DIY/life kind of thing, but that may just be too much structure for me. To be honest, I really like just writing about my day.

Something that I really want to get into is taking more pictures/videos of the things that I do. I find that I don’t really have any souvenirs of the cool things (if any) that I have done because I don’t really document things well. I guess pseudo-blogging will be my first step into documenting my life.

Anyway, I’ve driven for about 7 hours today, as well as read a bunch of syllabi, so I am dog tired. I just remembered that I have to move my car in the morning before the first day of spring semester starts. Because of such things, I will be calling it a night.

a new year

I’ve been on break for a week now, and I’ve been able to de-stress a bit. I went to retreat which was quite amazing (and I’ll maybe talk more about that later). But it’s the start of a new year in less than two hours, so I wanted to share some resolutions. Here they are in no particular order:

get all above b’s
update blog once a week ish.
go vegetarian one week/month
read one book for fun per semester
read entire bible
memorize romans 8. alternately, isaiah 55
learn more guitar chords

I’m hoping that by publicizing this, I’ll be more motivated to do these things. Also, I am going to spend the first week of the new year away from the computer as much as possible. Hopefully, it’ll work out. After that, I’m going to really try to make this a thing. Maybe even with pictures and video. Anyway, to whoever may be reading this, have a happy new year!

college and things

Alright, so here’s the deal - I am currently an industrial engineering student; however, this isn’t really rocking my boat. So I recently made the decision to change my major. Aaaand here is the other deal - I don’t actually know what I want to do with my life. There were two options that really appealed to me based on my two dream jobs: (1) to open some kind of food service place (like a bakery or a café or something like that!!) or (2) be some kind of science tour guide person at a science center (like the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago or the Exploratorium in San Fran). So basically, I wanted to see what my options were for those two career paths. I narrowed down the options to culinary science and elementary education.

In the end, I am choosing to major in culinary science. Not only does my passion for food trump most things in my life, but I can imagine a life in food service, even if it means that I get crappy hours or whatever. Maybe it’s just that I personally don’t have any motivation for things I’m not passionate about, but I truly believe that passion is legitimately the path you need to follow in life, because choosing something else just doesn’t work out in the end.

I just wrote up a 4 year plan to graduate college instead of studying for my math final for a class that won’t matter in the long run. I admit that I have some problems with my motivation, but I’m glad that it allowed me to see that I don’t have a future with engineering.

On that note, I’m going to try to motivate myself to study for my differential equations final. I am probably going to fail. And that is just too bad for me.