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a new year

I’ve been on break for a week now, and I’ve been able to de-stress a bit. I went to retreat which was quite amazing (and I’ll maybe talk more about that later). But it’s the start of a new year in less than two hours, so I wanted to share some resolutions. Here they are in no particular order:

get all above b’s
update blog once a week ish.
go vegetarian one week/month
read one book for fun per semester
read entire bible
memorize romans 8. alternately, isaiah 55
learn more guitar chords

I’m hoping that by publicizing this, I’ll be more motivated to do these things. Also, I am going to spend the first week of the new year away from the computer as much as possible. Hopefully, it’ll work out. After that, I’m going to really try to make this a thing. Maybe even with pictures and video. Anyway, to whoever may be reading this, have a happy new year!