Le Blog

gonna make this blog real

I realize that my blog is really super unattractive. Alas, I have no design skills, so I will be asking my good friend (whose name is also) Eunice to teach me a little sumthin’ sumthin’ about designing websites. I may even dabble a little on my own.

Also, I want to get a good camera (or at least better than my phone), but I’m not sure if it’s worth investing in. Should I just use my phone until I can afford a really nice camera? Or should I worry about getting an actual camera in the first place? I don’t even know.

Yeah, so I just want to get into the process of making this blog thing real. You know? Maybe start off small and make actual posts about actual food or fashion or DIY or life or something.

Maybe my problem is that I want to do too many things. Too bad. It’s my blog and I’ll make it eclectic if I want to.