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an ode to the internet

Disclaimer: I don’t actually know what an ode is, nor how to write one.

Internet- dearest darling, Internet,
you are truly one of life’s delights,
a drop of honey in the midst of things that are not sweet like honey is (?)
I can only imagine what loss I would feel
if you were to leave me completely.

I would so love to discuss the way you’ve been acting of late
being ever so teasing
and not very pleasing (rhyming = I am a poet)
so I’d just like to know

I’m not angry, or upset
just disappointed.
I thought I could trust you…
but now I know I can’t

I don’t know what I’m getting at
But, baby, please come back
I know it’s not easy being you
But you know what else isn’t easy?

Doing online homework when the internet isn’t working.


So yeah. That was me trying to write. I’m not very creative, nor am I original in the slightest. But I am just getting little frustrated at the internet at the moment. Although it seems to be doing pretty well when I want to procrastinate. Such is life, I guess.